Trial Services



Our trial consultants have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your witness examinations are seamless and convincing. We are with you both in the courtroom and in the “war room” to help make your presentation as effective as possible. We can assist you with trial strategy, creating impactful graphics, and leveraging technology in the courtroom. 

Demonstrative Graphics


Let our graphic artists take your complex issues and convert them into compelling graphics that the judge and jury can easily understand. From graphs, timelines, or 3D animations our experts will create persuasive aids that enhance your evidence presentation.

e-Discovery, Processing, and Hosting



By utilizing the easy to use software, you can review small or large quantities of data in far less time than other platforms. Our preprocessing feature includes data cataloging, file filtering, file type identification, and de-duplication. One reviewer or fifty, we provide a secure web database hosting solution where your case documents will be stored, organized and reviewed with ease. All advance features are included in one low price.

Video Editing & Depo Syncing


 Have our video production team sync your depositions and prepare clips for playback in the courtroom. Our team will also capture content that can portray the day to day struggles your client faces.

Printing & Scanning Production


The business world still relies on paper. We built our business helping law firms manage paper discovery beginning in 2000. Whether it’s hard copy productions or exhibit notebooks 

we can make it happen. 

-Scanning     -Bates Numbering     -Exhibit Stickers     

-Copying/Printing     -OCR     -Large Format Printing