I would like to introduce you to TR Legal, the premier full-service litigation support company in Oklahoma.  Founded in 1998, we offer a full suite of litigation support including trial technology / consulting, eDiscovery processing and hosting, exhibit notebooks and exhibit boards, plus much more.

TR Legal has been battle-tested for nearly two decades … we are confident we can add value and efficiency to your process and will prove invaluable to your litigation endeavors.  Our products and services are completely scalable and can be tailored to fit your needs.



Trial Consulting

We can help you with technology and graphics as well as strategy and feedback.

Production Services

Let our graphic artists create compelling graphics so the jury can easily understand a complex case and have our video production team synchronize your depositions for playback.

e Discovery / Hosted Review

Our viewpoint Software allows for a significant reduction in your data volumes at the earliest stage of the project.